Infrastructure as business opportunity

Across industries, business leaders are looking to technology infrastructure investments to drive business growth, innovation and better end-user experiences. Cloud architectures, data analytics, and the proliferation of connected services and devices are creating new revenue opportunities for business.

Whether it is evolving your customer’s data center to a software-defined infrastructure (SDI) to deploy enterprise clouds or optimizing it to support analytics workloads of all types, Intel stands as your go-to source for valuable insight and information that will empower you to serve as your customers’ strategic advisor when modernizing their infrastructure.

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From on-premises hybrid cloud to software defined infrastructure, cloud solutions are transforming the way your customers do business.
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Whether you have one server or 100 there is an SDI solution just for you.

What was once a business support cost center is rapidly changing to an innovation-driving profit center. Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is helping drive this data center opportunity of change through transformation of customers’ IT investments modernizing to be easier to use. Discover where you and your customers are in this evolutionary process.

This brief looks at data center modernization and the imperatives that help it to engage the cloud, enable easy-to-use self-services, and leverage analytics for business innovation. Cloud strategy development can be a great way to support your customers' evolution.

Whether you have two servers or 200, modernization is happening at data centers of all sizes. Discover what trends and solutions are driving the future of the enterprise. This end user deck allows you as partners to deliver a message on the benefits of modernization and offers a way to open the door to transform customer investment.

Reseller Success Stories

"The assessment side of this business is where Structured's value really shines. I believe that Intel's new program will make this differentiator even stronger."

Chris McDuffie
VP of Cloud Architecture, Structured

"We really get to the heart of what technology will best support an organization's mission–and moving everything to the cloud isn't always the answer."

Amy Prado
Marketing Manager, Structured

"Many clients don't have the engineering expertise and resources for ongoing management of services ... Intel's new program will support Structured in filling this gap."

Chris McDuffie
VP of Cloud Architecture, Structured

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