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  Current Ultrabook and Tablet Models Past Ultrabook and Tablet Models
Dell Latitude: E5440, E5450, E6430
E6540, E7240, E7440, 12 7000
Venue: 8 Pro Tablet,
11 Pro Tablet
Precision: M3800
XPS: XPS 11, XPS 12
Latitude: 6430u, 6440, 10 Tablet, 5000 Series, 7000 Series
HP EliteBook: Revolve, Folio 9470m
Folio 1040 G1, 840 G1, 850,
Elitepad: 900 G1
ZBook: ZBook 14
Lenovo ThinkPad: Helix, L440, L540, T440,
T440p, T440s, T540, T540p, X240, X240s,
X1 Carbon, Yoga
ThinkPad: X Series, T Series

  Current Desktop PC Models Past Desktop PC Models
Dell OptiPlex: XE2, 710, 9020 All-in-One
M2800, M4800, R7610, R7910, T5610
T7610, T7810, T7910, T5180, T1700
OptiPlex: 745c, 755, 780, 960, 980, 990, 7010, 9010, 9020
9010 All-in-One

Precision: 1600, T1700, T3600, T5600, T7600
HP EliteDesk: 800 G1, 800 G1 All-in-One Compaq: dc7700p, dc7800p, dc7900, 8000 Elite, 8100 Elite, 8200 Elite, 8300 Elite
Lenovo ThinkCentre: M92p, M93p,
M93p Tiny 2.0, M93z All-in-One
ThinkCentre: M55p, M57p, M58p, M90p, M91p
Acer Veriton: 6, 670G, 67WS Veriton: 1000, 3900 Pro,
5900 Pro, 6900 Pro, 7900 Pro, S661, T661
Asus D810MT, BM1AE, BP1AE, BT1AE
E810, ET2221INKH, ET2221INTH
Whitebox PCs Intel motherboards: DQ77MK, DQ77KB, DQ77CP, DQ87PG, DQ67SW, DQ67OW, DQ67EP, DQ57TM, DQ57TML

GIGABYTE motherboard model: GA-EQ45M-52, GA-Q57m-S2H
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Intel motherboard models: DQ57TM

  Current Notebook PC Models Past Notebook PC Models
Dell Latitude: 15 5000 Series, 14 5000 Series, E6230, E6440, E6450
Precision: M6800
Latitude: E5430, E5530, E6230, E6330, E6430, E6530, 630c, E4200, E4300, E4310, E6400, E6320, E6410, E6420, E6500, E6510, E6520, E6420 ATG, E6420 XFR
Precision: M4600, M6600
HP ProBook: 650 G1, 640 G1, 6470G
zBook: zBook14
EliteBook: Folio 1040 G1, Folio 9480M, Folio 9470M
ProBook: 6360b, 6460b, 6470b, 6560b, 6570b, 8460p, 8560p
EliteBook: 2170p, 2530p, 2570p, 2540p, 2730p, 2740p, 6930p, 8440p/w, 8470p, 8470w, 8530p/w, 8540p/w, 8570p, 8570w, 8730p/w, 8740w, 8770w, 820
Compaq: 2510p, 2710p, 2730p, 6910p
Lenovo ThinkPad: X230, T430, T430s, T530 ThinkPad: X220, X220 Tablet, X200, X200 Tablet, X201, X301, T400, T410, T410s, T420, T420s, T500, T510, W510, W520, W700, W710, T61, T61p, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet
Acer TravelMate: P6 TravelMate: 6492, 6493, 6592,
6593, 6592G, 6593G
Toshiba   Tecra: A9, A10, M9, M10, M930, R10
Portege: M700 Tablet, M750 Tablet
Panasonic Toughbook: C1, F9, H2, S10, 19, 31, 52, 53 CF-T8, CF-W8, CF-F8, CF-30Mk3,
CF-19Mk3, CF-52