Immediately Is Not Fast Enough: vPro-enabled Ultrabook Reduces Downtime by 50%

The need for fast access to data and working from anywhere has led Perl Mortgage to continually increase its mobile computing capabilities. With vPro-based Ultrabooks, employees have increased productivity and security and can work anytime, anywhere.

The Functionality of a Business-Class PC, the Portability of a Tablet

Amnet, a leading managed IT services provider in Colorado, recently introduced Bryan Construction to business-class HP EliteBook* Ultrabooks based on 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. "A vPro-based Ultrabook like the HP EliteBook delivers all the functionality of a notebook PC, including Microsoft Office capabilities, and then add advanced security and productivity features in a form factor that weighs less than 3 pounds."

aCOUPLEofGURUS Model for Success: Create Wildly Happy Customers

With the Intel vPro platform, aCOUPLEofGURUs has been able to reduce OS repair times by 50% and hardware repair times by 38%. At the same time, it has cut downtime by 35% and made their customers very happy.

Business-class Ultrabooks bring new customer value, drive PC refresh

For Safe Network Solutions, Intel vPro platform-based PCs are a standard. But new business-class Ultrabooks powered by Intel vPro processors are providing a whole new level of value to their customers. "vPro-based Ultrabooks take all the advantages of a notebook PC, multiply them, and then add advanced security and productivity capabilities." According to their customers, both performance and battery life are greatly improved.

MSP virtually eliminates travel time

With the Intel vPro platform, New York-based MSP Progressive Computing has been able to reduce OS repair times by 66% and hardware repairs times by 40%. At the same time, it has reduced deskside visits by a whopping 100% and cut downtime by 16%.

Remote diagnosis and repair decreases "windshield time"

To achieve their goal of making it easy for their customers to interface with technology, Texas-based MSP Internet Contrasts is using the Intel vPro platform to reduce HW repair times by 66%, decrease OS repair time by 88% and reduce downtime by 78%.

Cutting Hardware Repair Times In Half

To achieve its goal of streamlining its customers' IT experience while also controlling costs, Ohio-based managed service provider Nemsys is deploying PCs powered by Intel Core vPro processors. Using the Intel vPro platform-based KVM Remote Control, Nemsys is able to reduce hardware repair times by 50% and improve staff productivity by another 50%.

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