Mohawk Computers Uses the Intel® vPro™ platform to "Dramatically Improve Business" and Position Themselves Ahead of the Competition

Mohawk Computers use the Intel® vPro™ platform to reduce OS repair time 50% and hardware repair times by 75%. "Intel is really good at educating us about vPro benefits. If I didn’t have this tool, I’d be in the same boat as my competitors.”

Using remote management to reduce hardware repair times by 83% and OS repair times by 89%

KC Computer Support has standardized on Intel® vPro™ platform-based PCs “Our customers look to us to tell them what they need to support their business, and a vPro-based PC is one of those tools that is easy to recommend.” Learn more.

Ion Business Solutions calls Intel® vPro™ platform-based PCs a “core tool for business success”

MSP Ion Business Solutions says they work with cutting edge technology, “we do quite a bit of R&D to stay ahead of the curve—we’re working with Blockchain and the Intel vPro platform—it’s a core tool for business success.” Learn more.

Intel® Unite software collaboration solution lets “us walk in and give our customer the perfect solution”

Skycomp, a leading MSP in the Niagara Falls region is helping their customer the Niagara Conservation Authority run more effective meetings with the Intel Unite collaboration solution. “We can collaborate in meetings and any laptop can broadcast its screen for all to see.” Learn more.

Intel Unite® Software Powers Secure, Connected Meeting Spaces

Leading Kansas-based managed services provider says HP collaboration PC with Intel Unite software lets customers connect, whether they are sitting around the conference table or are halfway around the world. “Every customer we show Intel Unite to loves the possibilities— especially compared to the expensive enterprise options that are out there."

Celebrating the benefits of 17 years in the Intel Technology Provider program

Kortek Solutions is a Gold partner in the Intel Technology Provider program, with nearly two decades of membership behind it. Learn how that longstanding partnership has helped this managed service provider strengthen its marketing materials, empower its sales teams, and turn its staff into Intel product experts for its customers.

Intel Technology Provider

What if you could gain access to expertise, insights, and innovation that positioned you ahead of competitors--for free? See how these leading managed services providers use the tools and training offered by Intel Technology Provider to gain a competitive advantage and lead with cutting-edge technology. Learn more.

The Leverage to Go from Managing 200 Systems to Thousands with Relative Ease

By moving their customers over to a managed services model and deploying Intel vPro platform-based PCs, MSP h2 Global found they could do more remotely. “vPro enables a flat-rate, recurring revenue model which is better for us in terms of growth and profitability and better for our customers in terms of their ability to do business.” Learn more.

Seeing PCs Clearly

With two offices in Florida, one Colorado, and 50 salespeople out in the field, the IT department at Costa uses Intel vPro platform-based PCs to see and manage the 250 PCs on their network “There isn’t a reason to go to the user anymore. We can sit at a desk with 3 monitors and manage multiple issues all at once because the PCs are vPro enabled."

Intel-based Windows Tablets "Let Clients Actually Do Work"

SLPowers, a leading MSP in the Southeastern United States says, "Intel-based Windows tablets managed within LabTech let us improve our profitability because we can actually manage them. In the end, it also saves our clients money—which they can spend on more technology." Learn more about how you can improve margins by managing Windows based tablets in your RMM.