Fluid Networks Saves $54,188 in Annual Labor Costs by Using Intel® vPro™ Platform-Based PCs

By implementing Intel® vPro™ platform-based PCs already in their install base, Fluid Networks focuses talent on strategic projects instead of routine repairs. Learn how you can save thousands.

Nehring Technology Cultivates Client Productivity as Their Goal

By comparing deskside visits for non-vPro-based PCs—which typically run Nehring Technology about two visits per month, compared to zero visits for a PC built with an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor—the company can realize $23,333.00 in reduced labor costs. Read more to learn about their other savings.

Intel Unite® Solution Empowers Students and Teachers to Collaborate Interactively

The Intel Unite® Solution empowers students and teachers to collaborate interactively across classrooms and locations in the Newport School District. From easy file sharing to deep collaboration in the classroom that allow staff to regain instructional minutes, the Intel Unite Solution is helping a new generation learn more effectively.

By Taking Advantage of the Remote Manageability of PCs with Intel Core vPro Processors, Blue Harbor Can Serve as a Strategic Adviser to Clients, Rather than Focusing on Repair and Remediation

See how managed service provider Blue Harbor Technology saves $86,925 in annual labor costs by implementing Intel vPro technology-based PCs. "Saving a truck roll makes a significant impact to our bottom line."

Manufacturing Company Uses the Intel Unite Solution to Collaborate Across North America

The conference rooms at SAMES KREMLIN did not have a lack of technology, they had too much. “You can lose the attention of your audience as you stop and take the time to hook up to a cable. But because we have now deployed the Intel Unite Solution, changing presenters was just a matter of a few keystrokes, the efficiency of the process was really impressive." Learn how you can improve efficiency.

Intel vPro Platform Helps Law Firm Keep Data Secure

"One of the reasons we switched to Skycomp and refreshed all our PCs was to gain the hardware level security in Intel-based laptops and desktops. We must ensure security.”

The Intel® vPro™ Platform Makes It Easy for Lightbridge Academy to Train Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

"Our PCs—especially the mini PCs attached to our interactive whiteboards—make learning easier in the classroom, and desktop PCs allow our administrators to report and document daily activities, and we use this information to build relationships with parents and communities."

Computer Consultant Team uses Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based PCs to protect customers from ransomware threats.

"Anytime an end user clicks on something and exposes their device, the issue we face is knowing if a system is 'clean'. The Intel® vPro™ platform's hardware-based KVM remote control allows us to simply replace the drive image with a known good image that’s stored on the network."

Beyond Computer Solutions uses Intel® vPro™ platform-based PCs to keep customers' data and networks secure

The built-in security capabilities of Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors let MSP Beyond Computer Solutions “lock down malware before it ever hits the network,” leading to faster problem resolution and more money on the bottom line.

Jim Colville Crop Insurance Agents Spend Time Where it Matters - in the Field with their Customers

MSP Vision Computer Solutions uses the Intel® vPro™ platform to help their client, Jim Colville Crop Insurance, stay up and running in the field. "We’ve got all this information at our finger tips right on our laptops, so we can be out in the field, calling up the data and working with the farmers to make the decisions that are right for them."

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