aCOUPLEofGURUS Model for Success: Create Wildly Happy Customers

With the Intel vPro platform, aCOUPLEofGURUs has been able to reduce OS repair times by 50% and hardware repair times by 38%. At the same time, it has cut downtime by 35% and made their customers very happy.

Beyond Computer Solutions uses Intel® vPro™ platform-based PCs to keep customers' data and networks secure

The built-in security capabilities of Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors let MSP Beyond Computer Solutions “lock down malware before it ever hits the network,” leading to faster problem resolution and more money on the bottom line.

Business-class Ultrabooks bring new customer value, drive PC refresh

For Safe Network Solutions, Intel vPro platform-based PCs are a standard. But new business-class Ultrabooks powered by Intel vPro processors are providing a whole new level of value to their customers. "vPro-based Ultrabooks take all the advantages of a notebook PC, multiply them, and then add advanced security and productivity capabilities." According to their customers, both performance and battery life are greatly improved.

By Taking Advantage of the Remote Manageability of PCs with Intel Core vPro Processors, Blue Harbor Can Serve as a Strategic Adviser to Clients, Rather than Focusing on Repair and Remediation

See how managed service provider Blue Harbor Technology saves $86,925 in annual labor costs by implementing Intel vPro technology-based PCs. "Saving a truck roll makes a significant impact to our bottom line."

Celebrating the benefits of 17 years in the Intel Technology Provider program

Kortek Solutions is a Gold partner in the Intel Technology Provider program, with nearly two decades of membership behind it. Learn how that longstanding partnership has helped this managed service provider strengthen its marketing materials, empower its sales teams, and turn its staff into Intel product experts for its customers.

Cluttered Conference Rooms Are A Thing of The Past with Intel Pro WiDi

Managed services providers and their customers like the built-in security and ease of use of Intel Pro WiDi that makes conference room cables obsolete. Learn more about the advantages of Intel Pro WiDi and how it quickly enables more effective meetings and deeper collaboration.

Computer Consultant Team uses Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based PCs to protect customers from ransomware threats.

"Anytime an end user clicks on something and exposes their device, the issue we face is knowing if a system is 'clean'. The Intel® vPro™ platform's hardware-based KVM remote control allows us to simply replace the drive image with a known good image that's stored on the network."

Cost-effective Productivity for Retail and Educational Clients

Minneapolis-based managed services provider aCOUPLEofGURUS relies on remote tools for many of the system management and repair tasks that keep their clients productive. But the company faced challenges when trying to manage tablets. Then the company began deploying Intel®-based Windows* tablets and managing the tablets within their existing LabTech management console application. Learn more about how aCOUPLEofGURUS is helping their clients connect, collaborate, and finish business tasks, while also helping improve the MSP's productivity and margin.

Cutting Hardware Repair Times In Half

To achieve its goal of streamlining its customers' IT experience while also controlling costs, Ohio-based managed service provider Nemsys is deploying PCs powered by Intel Core vPro processors. Using the Intel vPro platform-based KVM Remote Control, Nemsys is able to reduce hardware repair times by 50% and improve staff productivity by another 50%.

Eliminating the 80 Pound Backpack

The mobile trend in education is moving quickly toward digital classrooms. Fairfield Country Day School (FCDS) relies on Ultrabook™ 2 in 1 devices to help them. "Everything you need is right there—keyboard, tablet, stylus. I can see using this in the classroom to present lessons, correcting homework on it."

Fluid Networks Saves $54,188 in Annual Labor Costs by Using Intel® vPro™ Platform-Based PCs

By implementing Intel® vPro™ platform-based PCs already in their install base, Fluid Networks focuses talent on strategic projects instead of routine repairs.

Learn how you can save thousands.

How Device-as-a-Service Can Make MSPs More Efficient and Profitable

DaaS is changing how small and medium businesses (SMBs) acquire and use PCs, and using the newest technology is allowing employees to be their most productive. MSP G6 Communications says the benefits in time and money saved are clear.

Immediately Is Not Fast Enough: vPro-enabled Ultrabook Reduces Downtime by 50%

The need for fast access to data and working from anywhere has led Perl Mortgage to continually increase its mobile computing capabilities. With vPro-based Ultrabooks, employees have increased productivity and security and can work anytime, anywhere.

Intel EMA - A No-Compromise PC Management Solution

The Intel vPro platform with Intel EMA helps technicians at Alvarez Technology Group to activate new PCs and existing PCs built with Intel Core vPro processors.

Intel Technology Provider

What if you could gain access to expertise, insights, and innovation that positioned you ahead of competitors--for free? See how these leading managed services providers use the tools and training offered by Intel Technology Provider to gain a competitive advantage and lead with cutting-edge technology. Learn more.

Intel Unite® Software Powers Secure, Connected Meeting Spaces

Leading Kansas-based managed services provider says HP collaboration PC with Intel Unite software lets customers connect, whether they are sitting around the conference table or are halfway around the world. “Every customer we show Intel Unite to loves the possibilities— especially compared to the expensive enterprise options that are out there."

Intel Unite® Solution Empowers Students and Teachers to Collaborate Interactively

The Intel Unite® Solution empowers students and teachers to collaborate interactively across classrooms and locations in the Newport School District. From easy file sharing to deep collaboration in the classroom that allow staff to regain instructional minutes, the Intel Unite Solution is helping a new generation learn more effectively.

Intel vPro Platform Helps Law Firm Keep Data Secure

"One of the reasons we switched to Skycomp and refreshed all our PCs was to gain the hardware level security in Intel-based laptops and desktops. We must ensure security.”

Intel-based Windows Tablets "Let Clients Actually Do Work"

SLPowers, a leading MSP in the Southeastern United States says, "Intel-based Windows tablets managed within LabTech let us improve our profitability because we can actually manage them. In the end, it also saves our clients money—which they can spend on more technology." Learn more about how you can improve margins by managing Windows based tablets in your RMM.

Intel® Pro Wireless Display Lets SMBs Cut the Cords—Not the Performance

Intel Pro WiDi lets you connect up to a display regardless of connector port. With WiDi, you can show your audience what you want them to see. In addition, your audience hears what you want them to hear. Learn how a leading Kansas managed services provider is implementing Intel Pro Wireless Display for customers ranging from SMBs to medical practices to agricultural dealers.

Intel® Unite software collaboration solution lets “us walk in and give our customer the perfect solution”

Skycomp, a leading MSP in the Niagara Falls region is helping their customer the Niagara Conservation Authority run more effective meetings with the Intel Unite collaboration solution. “We can collaborate in meetings and any laptop can broadcast its screen for all to see.” Learn more.

Ion Business Solutions calls Intel® vPro™ platform-based PCs a “core tool for business success”

MSP Ion Business Solutions says they work with cutting edge technology, “we do quite a bit of R&D to stay ahead of the curve—we’re working with Blockchain and the Intel vPro platform—it's a core tool for business success.” Learn more.

Jim Colville Crop Insurance Agents Spend Time Where it Matters - in the Field with their Customers

MSP Vision Computer Solutions uses the Intel® vPro™ platform to help their client, Jim Colville Crop Insurance, stay up and running in the field. "We’ve got all this information at our finger tips right on our laptops, so we can be out in the field, calling up the data and working with the farmers to make the decisions that are right for them."

Lenovo with Intel: Dependable, Light and Fast Mobility for Business

Lenovo and Intel team up to make the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Tablet 2 leading technology for any business. See how Alamo Federal Credit Union in San Antonio, Texas uses Lenovo form factors and functionality to make their business customer-centric. "We're experiencing growth that we've never seen in the 83 years prior."

Managing Remote Workers Easily with the Newest Device-as-a-Service Technology

DaaS is changing how small and medium businesses (SMBs) acquire and use PCs, and using the newest technology is allowing employees to be their most productive.

Manufacturing Company Uses the Intel Unite Solution to Collaborate Across North America

The conference rooms at SAMES KREMLIN did not have a lack of technology, they had too much. “You can lose the attention of your audience as you stop and take the time to hook up to a cable. But because we have now deployed the Intel Unite Solution, changing presenters was just a matter of a few keystrokes, the efficiency of the process was really impressive."

Learn how you can improve efficiency.

Mohawk Computers Uses the Intel® vPro™ platform to "Dramatically Improve Business" and Position Themselves Ahead of the Competition

Mohawk Computers use the Intel® vPro™ platform to reduce OS repair time 50% and hardware repair times by 75%. "Intel is really good at educating us about vPro benefits. If I didn’t have this tool, I’d be in the same boat as my competitors.”

MSP virtually eliminates travel time

With the Intel vPro platform, New York-based MSP Progressive Computing has been able to reduce OS repair times by 66% and hardware repairs times by 40%. At the same time, it has reduced deskside visits by a whopping 100% and cut downtime by 16%.

Nehring Technology Cultivates Client Productivity as Their Goal

By comparing deskside visits for non-vPro-based PCs—which typically run Nehring Technology about two visits per month, compared to zero visits for a PC built with an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor—the company can realize $23,333.00 in reduced labor costs. Read more to learn about their other savings.

Physicians Move Towards Extreme Mobility

Because data is stored in the cloud, impartial can have physician contractors who work all over the west coast. 2 in 1 devices help them stay mobile. "I can envision that this device will be able to handle every task we throw at it ... I don't see any hardware limitations with the 2 in 1."

Quickly connect and work with Intel Pro WiDi

“Pro WiDi has a practical application. When you’re doing a presentation, you so often don’t have the right dongle. With Pro WiDi you can just connect." Learn more about how managed services provider aCOUPLEofGURUS helps their clients transform work with Intel Pro Wireless Display.

Reaching Physicians and Patients Across Texas

Physician liaisons at The Rose, the first nonprofit breast cancer organization based on the concept of the insured covering the costs of the uninsured, often had to drive long stretches of highway back to the organization's office, in order to send email and data over a secure network. But after deploying the HP Elitepad 1000 tablet, the team can share information instantaneously. Learn more about how The Rose is improving productivity and collaboration.

Remote diagnosis and repair decreases "windshield time"

To achieve their goal of making it easy for their customers to interface with technology, Texas-based MSP Internet Contrasts is using the Intel vPro platform to reduce HW repair times by 66%, decrease OS repair time by 88% and reduce downtime by 78%.

Seeing PCs Clearly

With two offices in Florida, one Colorado, and 50 salespeople out in the field, the IT department at Costa uses Intel vPro platform-based PCs to see and manage the 250 PCs on their network “There isn’t a reason to go to the user anymore. We can sit at a desk with 3 monitors and manage multiple issues all at once because the PCs are vPro enabled."

The Functionality of a Business-Class PC, the Portability of a Tablet

Amnet, a leading managed IT services provider in Colorado, recently introduced Bryan Construction to business-class HP EliteBook* Ultrabooks based on 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. "A vPro-based Ultrabook like the HP EliteBook delivers all the functionality of a notebook PC, including Microsoft Office capabilities, and then add advanced security and productivity features in a form factor that weighs less than 3 pounds."

The Intel vPro® Platform: There When You Need It Most

GRIT Technologies leans on the Intel vPro platform to reduce the number of deskside visits by 50%—a significant impact on margin and productivity, this makes GRIT look like heroes to everyone involved.

The Intel® vPro™ Platform Makes It Easy for Lightbridge Academy to Train Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

"Our PCs—especially the mini PCs attached to our interactive whiteboards—make learning easier in the classroom, and desktop PCs allow our administrators to report and document daily activities, and we use this information to build relationships with parents and communities."

The Leverage to Go from Managing 200 Systems to Thousands with Relative Ease

By moving their customers over to a managed services model and deploying Intel vPro platform-based PCs, MSP h2 Global found they could do more remotely. “vPro enables a flat-rate, recurring revenue model which is better for us in terms of growth and profitability and better for our customers in terms of their ability to do business.” Learn more.

The One Device That Businesses Need: 2 in 1 Ultrabooks™ Allow Sales Reps to Easily Interact with Customers

The small screens and limited functionality of smart phones left Valley Respiratory reps frustrated. Now, sales reps often leave their offices with just their 2 in 1 Ultrabook and a few patient notes. "It's so light and durable, I don't even need a briefcase."

Using Remote Management to Extend Reach Around the Globe

Power Consulting uses the Intel vPro platform "because it just makes sense. The remote capabilities let us extend our reach and not shy away from geographically diverse customers. In fact, we do 97% of our work remotely. We have to." Read more about how the managed services provider takes full advantage of the Intel vPro platform and their Kaseya software to reduce hardware repair times by 50% and extend their reach.

Using remote management to reduce hardware repair times by 83% and OS repair times by 89%

KC Computer Support has standardized on Intel® vPro™ platform-based PCs “Our customers look to us to tell them what they need to support their business, and a vPro-based PC is one of those tools that is easy to recommend.” Learn more.