Updated with systems using 3rd gen Core processors

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    Eric Townsend, SMB & MSP Marketing Director, Intel Americas, revisits the Intel lab with Chris Hubbard, Marketing Manager, Intel Americas, to discuss the key differences between business and consumer PCs.

    • Lenovo with Intel: Dependable, Light and Fast Mobility for Business
    • Orion Integration Group: Fixing Issues Before they Become a Problem with Intel® vPro™ technology
    • Case Study: Little-Morris - Predictable IT and Intel® vPro™ Technology
    • From the Intel Lab: Business PCs vs. Consumer PCs
    • On The Road: Dell Power Center
    • From the Intel Lab: Security and 3rd Generation Intel Core
    • Thursday #2 - Legend of Geoff Bradshaw

    Not Just Faster, Smarter

    This short video shows you the advanced, high-value features of the all new 2010 Intel Core vPro processor family.

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