Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unite V3.2 is available now! Where can I download the software?

    You can download the free software directly from the Unite Navigator. Click here and follow instructions to download!

  • How will the 3.1 Unite customers get the 3.2 software upgrade?

    They can download the upgrade directly from the Unite Navigator here. Uninstall previous Unite versions and reinstall the latest.

  • Can customers use Microsoft SQL Express instead of SQL Server for Enterprise Edition?

    Only full SQL servers are supported.

  • Is there a "simple installation" for the Small Business version?

    Yes. The Setup Guide for Small Business can be downloaded here. It’s a shorter version compared to the Enterprise version.

  • Does Unite require vPro? Will Unite run on my vPro-compatible machine?

    Each PC manufacturer (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.) has specific Unite-certified systems that are used for the Unite Hub. For the Unite Hub, your machine must be one of these specific certified OEM SKUs listed on the Unite Navigator. For the Unite client PC, any Intel CPU system will work.

  • Are iOS or Android devices supported?

    Android and iOS devices are supported by Unite in Managed mode only.

  • Is Linux now a supported operating system?

    As of version 3.2 of Intel Unite, Linux is now supported. Please download documentation and client software here.

  • Is there a limit to the maximum number of users that can be simultaneously connected to a hub at any one time?

    There is no limit to the number of viewing connections; however, only 4 users may share content at the same time.

  • Will Unite work across multiple subnets (Small Business mode)?

    Yes, Unite 3.2 Small Business mode will work across multiple nets within your environment.

  • Unite is dominating the desktop on the hub. I can’t Alt-Tab or minimize Unite. Is this normal?

    Yes. Unite was designed so that the hub is set up and stays in the conference room. Unlike other solutions, the content sharing and conferencing in Unite is done via the Unite clients that connect to the Unite hub instead of on the hub itself.